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Your financial advisor should be working for you!

I believe in several key financial principles:

  • Maintaining positive cash flow
  • Saving and Investing for the Future
  • Protecting your livelihood
  • Leaving a legacy for loved ones

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Who am I?

It’s important that we think differently about money. Be strong. Be determined. Be a Boss!

About Budget Boss

Welcome to budgetboss.ca. My name is Joe and I created this site with the goal in mind of providing useful financial advice for my clients. As a Financial Advisor I know that there is a lot of bad information out there. I also know that practical advice for people just getting started is hard to come by. The same is true for people with unique situations. My aim is to provide useful tips that can get people thinking about their money differently. Having gone through many difficult financial challenges in my life I know how tough it can be. My mission is to help others with some of the knowledge I have gained during those tough times.

We all basically have the same goals in life. Taking care of ourselves and our families. Owning a home. A comfortable retirement. Those goals are fairly standard. What is not standard is your unique situation. Budget Boss is designed to be an interactive platform. The visitor can receive useful information as well as connect with a licensed advisor. There are meaningful tips for people at any stage in their financial journey.

Being a Budget Boss is not just for the beginners and getting useful advice is not just for those with a lot of money. It’s all about knowledge, patience and most importantly dedication. We all have it in us and now is the best time to get started. Be persistent and informed. Most of all don’t be afraid to get your money right!

Happy Saving Friends!

Joseph James Francis

Budget Boss

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